Responsabile: Prof. Giulio Magli - Delegato per i rapporti con la scuola: Prof. Marco Bramanti

Refresher courses in mathematics

for first year Architecture students

Refresher course of mathematics for architecture is delivered as a blended course. The course, indeed, is composed of online parts and live sessions.

Students are asked to answer the self-assessment test, delivered through the educational platform. Then, during the live session, the lecturer will comment on the homework and provide further insight into the related topic.

Students are asked to enroll in filling ou the following form

The lecturer for the refresher course is: Giulia Bernardi, PhD. 

The calendar will be provided by the Professor of your IC-Math course.

Course Structure

Each lesson is composed of two moments

  • Out-of-class:  Before the live session, students recall the main topics using the PreCalculus MOOC on and make a self-assessment test.  
  • In-class:  students join the physical/virtual room attending the live session with the tutor 


Your professor will provide further details to get access to the test.